JACK Quartet
"...performed everything with mastery and confidence...a formidable force for new music, raising our awareness of the cutting edge in music, while raising the bar for other ensembles out there."- Classical Voice of New England
Dalí Quartet
"Passionate, moving, and a wonderful evening filled with classical music." - Park City Daily
"The Dalí Quartet gave a beautifully judged performance ... They gave the music time to breath; and while each player made the most of the solo turns Mozart gave them, they balanced and blended well as an ensemble." - Classical Voice of North Carolina 



Chamber Music Programs

At Kean University
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Photo Credit: Neil Aaronson



We are pleased to announce the 2016 ASTA/NJ Chamber Music Institute!  Planning is underway for another great year of chamber music.  

We had an incredibly successful summer of chamber music.  Rutgers University's very new music facilities, the Nicholas Concert Hall, and first-rate staff will help to make the Chamber Music Institute better than ever.  To get an online tour of Rutgers' beautiful Douglass campus, click here.

As part of our big changes, the CMI is now welcoming wind, brass, and piano players this year in addition to violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists!

Click here to read student & parent testimonials concerning their experience at CMI in past years! 
Click here to read testimonials from Faculty.


WHAT IS CMI? CMI is a classical music camp focusing on chamber music performance. Students are assigned to work with a trio, quartet or quintet throughout the week. Each group meets twice daily for coaching sessions with CMI artist faculty. Each session culminates in a public concert featuring student ensembles. Two internationally renowned guest artist ensembles are featured in performance each session. Concerts by CMI Faculty, special presentations, reading sessions, workshops and a variety of fun activities round out CMI. Learn about our history.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? The CMI program is open to students age 12 - 23 who play string, woodwind, or brass instruments, including piano.
A program for collegiate musicians, including expert coaching in a specially-oriented chamber ensemble is also available. 
Whether you are an advanced chamber music player or a newcomer to the genre, ASTA/NJ CMI 2015 has much to offer in a fun, exciting environment.

We have been fortunate to attract many very high level student performers in all years of ASTA/NJ CMI. The most advanced of these students are participants in top level precollege programs in NYC, regular participants in competitions and the highest level student orchestras. CMI also regularly attracts students new to chamber music or to summer music camps. We are an excellent "first experience" for these students in that we are able to place students in ensembles with students of similar age & ability level.  For this same reason, we are able to accomodate students with greater experience and more advanced performance levels.  We work to create an environment in which students are supportive of one another's efforts and in which one can be successful at any level of advancement. 

HOW LARGE A CAMP IS CMI? Enrollment is limited to around 50 students per session in order to keep a high student – faculty ratio and a high level of personalized attention for every student.

WHEN IS IT? CMI runs in two consecutive, week-long sessions.
Students may attend either, but many of our students attend both sessions.

An audition is required for all students with the follwoing exceptions:
    * Students who attended CMI in the previous year may elect not to audition.
    * Students whose teacher is a CMI faculty member need not audition.
Auditions must be submitted by a video uploaded to YouTube.  You will provide a link to the video as part of the application process.  More information on auditions can be found here.

HOW DO I APPLY TO CMI? Simply click here or on the ‘Apply Nowbutton on this page.

All Participants: non-refundable registration fee of $50
Residential Students attending one session: $950.00 (additional to the application fee)
Residential Students attending both sessions: $1,700.00 (additional to the application fee) 
Commuter Students: $750 (per session, additional to the application fee) 
College Students:  $550 (per session, additional to the application fee) 
    * Tuition fees include tuition and concert tickets for students.
    * Tuition includes all meals for residential students.
    * Tuition includes lunch and dinner for commuter students.
    * Tuition includes only lunch for commuter students.
    * Private lessons with faculty by arrangement and at an additional fee of $85 per hour.
    * All payments non-refundable.

 Payments will be accepted via a secure online transaction.  Several installment plans will be made available to you via the registration system.  Click Apply Now icon above and follow instructions to make payments online.

QUESTIONS: Please address any questions you have to:
Neil Aaronson • astanj.cmi[at]

Check out photos of CMI 2013!

The CMI faculty, staff, special presenters, and elective faculty make CMI the great experience it has become for our students.  Our staff for 2014 included:

Coaching Faculty:
Linda McKnight, Bass, Manhattan School of Music, Montclair State College
 Mikhail Kuchuk, Violin, Wharton Music Center
Mary Ann Mumm, Violin, Youth Orchestra of the Americas, Metroplitan Opera Orchestra
Brennan Sweet, Violin, Associate Concertmaster of the NJ Symphony Orchestra, Kean Concert Artist Ensemble
Naomi Youngstein, Violin, NJ Symphony Orchestra, Amaryllis Ensemble
Maurycy Banaszek, Viola, Metamorphosen Chamber Orchestra, Metropolis Ensemble, Kean Concert Artist Ensemble
Craig Mumm, Viola, Youth Orchestra of the Americas Associate Principal of the Metroplitan Opera Orchestra
Margaret Zufall Roberts, Viola, Montclair Srate University, Wharton Music Center
Nicole Peragine, Viola, Fayetteville Symphony and Carolina Philharmonic
Susannah Chapman, Cello, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Cygnus Ensemble, Kean Concert Artist Ensemble
Terrence Thornhill, Cello, Director of Chamber Music for the Montclair State University Preperatory School
Caleigh Drane, Cello, International Contemporary Ensemble

We are working on finalizing our special presenters for 2016!

Special Presenters from 2013 included:
Caryn Lin, Electric violinist
Wei-Yang Andy Lin, World-renowned performer of the erhu
Richard Kennedy, Professor of voice and music entrepreneurship at Penn State University

Special Electives from 2013 included:
Martin Sedek - Musician's Health
VJ Manzo - Music Technology
Amanda Harberg - Composition
Michael Lemma - Mandolin Ensemble


Neil Aaronson
Program Director, ASTA/NJ CMI

check out information below to find out what it is all about.

Featured guest artist ensembles in 2013 were the Catalyst Quartet, the Attacca Quartet and the Kean Concert Artist EnsembleSpecial presentations & daily workshops (see below) were once again an important part of the 2013 schedule.

Elective courses for 2013 - included in tuition -  include Composition, Mandolin Family Ensemble & Workshop, Musicians' Health, and (a favorite every year) Music Technology!  Click here to learn more about elective courses at CMI 2013.

Special presentations for 2011 - included in tuition - are Gamba, Gamba, Gamba!! with New Jersey's premiere viol de gamba authority, Roland Hutchinson and Say What!?  Music Perception Research at Kean University with Dr. Lyn Schraer-Joiner & colleagues at Kean University presenting latest research in music perception, the processes by which the brain processes sound, hearing loss (and how to prevent it) and much more!  


    * the internationally renown Voxare Quartet  worked with student ensembles, presented a master class/performance workshop and evening concert.
    * the superb Concert Artist Ensemble of Kean University performed an evening concert and presented performance workshops.

    * the world renowned JACK Quartet worked with student ensembles, presented a master class/performance workshop and and performed an evening concert.
    * rising stars, the Dalí Quartet performed an evening concert.