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Comments from Past ASTA/NJ Symposium Participants

"Frank Foester breathed new life into the Telemann and J.C. Bach viola concertos, demonstrating his unique 'sinking' bow hand, putting 'weight in the string.'"

"Yong Kim shared many colorful articulations, bowings and fingerings in the Mozart D Major Concerto, and had some excellent suggestions for teaching the more difficult passages."

“I thought Mary Ann Mumm’s violin master class was wonderful; she is very inspiring in her intelligence and verve. And how lovely to see Joseph Gingold's bowings and fingerings of the Vitali!” 
“Ruth Brons had such wonderful ideas that she uses to excite and retain students in her program.  I came away with valuable ideas and was eager to apply some of them to my teaching.”

“I learned so much from every presenter - it is wonderful to hear experts in their field sharing ideas with such warm spirit.  It is also an insight to how lucky districts/students are to have them as their teachers.”

“Fantastic clinicians on a wide variety of subjects- something for everyone!  I think it is possibly the best clinic to attend for string teachers in the state. Every college student in NJ who is in music ed. especially for strings should have been there.” 


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